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Create a calming sanctuary at home by adding a burst of greenery to your interior space. Indoor plants have been known to improve air quality, boost your mood and reduce stress.

Explore our range of indoor plants from small desktop sizes through to indoor feature trees.

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Hass & Co Botanics is a small business, owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Casey & Cal. We pride ourselves on our personalised customer service and inspirational plant displays.

Visit us in-store to take advantage of our expertise or shop online and choose local Perth delivery or click and collect.


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We've put together some of our favourite and best selling packages

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Silver Queen Gift Package

Shameless Gift Package

Reginae Package

The Silver Queen Package features a beautiful, Silver Queen Sansevieria plant paired with a textured paper plant bag by Uashmama.

Easy care Indoor Plant

Uashmama Paper Bag

Plastic drip saucer to suit

Signature Hass & Co Botanics gift bag and optional gift note


The 'Shameless' Package features a beautiful, Snow Queen Pothos plant paired with a risqué premium planter by Group Partner.  Fun and playful designs are painted on these 'shameless ceramics' which are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

Snow Queen Pothos Plant

Group Partner Planter

Signature Hass & Co Botanics gift bag

Optional gift note in botanical theme card


Create a tropical sanctuary at home with a Strelitzia reginae, commonly known as a "Dwarf Bird of Paradise plant". This variety is a gorgeous dwarf version of the larger giant variety and is particularly great for indoor environments.

Strelitzia reginae

Bower planter

Lotus Stand

Optional botanical theme greeting card


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