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Planted Magazine Home Grown Feature 2019

05 December, 2019

Planted Magazine | Home Grown Feature December 2019

On the back of a lot of hard work, this small business has grown into a Perth institution.

After crossing the ditch from a lush small town in New Zealand and moving to Perth in her early 20s, Casey O’Callahan spent a few years working in the corporate world, finding herself increasingly disconnected from nature. That was until Casey and her partner Cal started hiking, buying an indoor plant around the same time. This small act was the catalyst to Hass & Co Botanics, where Casey and Cal, alongside their Bichon Misty, sell mostly easy- care tropical houseplants and a curated range of handmade plant accessories and statement décor.

Christmas Gift Guide 2019 The West Australian

22 November, 2019

House Proud | Give the gift of stylish interiors this festive season

"We all have a friend who treats their plants like babies, or a parent who has greenery overload in their home, and this is the ideal place to get a lush array of plants and accessories to add to their collection."

-The West Australian Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Home Forest | Interior Micro Gardens

31 October, 2019

Featured in international plant book; Home Forest | Micro Gardens at Home by Francesc Zamora Mola.

This hobby book will feature clusters of potted plants, terrariums, mossariums, Kokedama, Wabi-kusa, wallscapes, and hydroponic systems. These decorating elements of the home occupy very little space and require little maintenance. They are ideal for small homes that don’t have much scope for outdoor gardening. These portable small gardens are growing art that sparks creativity. The possibilities are endless.

Hass Botanical offers a wide variety of plants and contemporary accessories that give the home the lush green feeling of nature. The wide botanical diversity ensures that there are plants for any indoor space, making them more inviting. Plants add to each other’s beauty, creating artful compositions.

Urban List Feature 2019

28 October, 2019


If you're as crazy about indoor plants as we are, you're going to want to get yourself to Hass & Co Botanics in Leederville on the double. 

One of Perth's best indoor plant stores, you'll think you've died and gone to jungle heaven when you walk into Hass & Co. It's covered in greenery, stocking all of your favourite tropical plants that thrive indoors.

STM Home Edit Feature | Organic Beauty

27 October, 2019

Organic Beauty | Curves and textures create a calming look

STYLE TIP: Get this inviting, pretty look at home by teaming natural materials such as timber and cane with on-trend hues of burnt ochre and coral pinks. Soft curves are key to a restful atmosphere, while tactility is also important - think woven fibres and macrame, and the softest of rugs to welcome bare feet.

- Home Edit with Maya Anderson

STM Home Edit Feature | Peachy Keen

11 August, 2019

Modern Hamptons | Peachy Keen

STYLE TIP: Create a relaxed environment that is feminine, but not in the least bit over the top, with furniture in warm timbers lightened by cushions and art in soothing shades of pink, blush, peach and golden beige. Some lush greenery complements this bang-on-trend look.

- Home Edit with Maya Anderson

STM Home Edit Feature | Modern Hamptons

04 August, 2019

Modern Hamptons | Create a chic coastal look

STYLE TIP: Hamptons-inspired interiors will never date. But for a fresh take on this timeless coastal style, look for simple updates - modern photographic seascapes and prints, concrete tabletops instead of wood, contemporary light fixtures and sculptural vases and planters.

- Home Edit with Maya Anderson

STM Home Edit Feature | Green with envy

14 July, 2019

Green with envy | Make a statement in this seasons hippest hue

STYLE TIP: When it comes to walls and kitchens, deep greens are where it's at. There is something classic yet modern about this hue, which looks terrific teamed with brass or gold, accents of black and marble, and dark rich timbers. For serious designer style, add a Persian rug.

- Home Edit with Maya Anderson

The Interior Design Institute Feature Hass & Co Botanics

14 June, 2019

Meet Casey O'Callahan, this months #IDIstudent winner and owner of Hass & Co Botanics Perth! 🌿

Hass & Co Botanics is Perth's leading indoor plant store for styling inspiration and greenery. With a passion for all things interiors, combined with a love of indoor plants, we aim to inspire our customers to create a stylish sanctuary in their home or office.

Hass & Co Botanics is a Perth based indoor plant boutique owned and operated by Casey & Cal. Starting with Casey's passion for nature and greenery and fuelled by the couples experience in small business and retail, Hass & Co Botanics sprung into life at the end of 2017.

Featured in 'Greening in Style'

25 January, 2019

We are truly honoured to be featured in an international plant book 'Greening in Style' alongside local brand, Leaf & Moss.

There is much more to interiors filled with plants than meets the eye. Plant arrangements can be seen as an inexpensive way to decorate a home, but in fact, the use of plants in an interior has benefits that are often overlooked. 
Plants add dimension to interiors and make them feel lively. They strengthen the connection with nature and reflect an appreciation of the botanical world. The presence of plants in a home counteracts the negative effects of city living by improving air quality and regulating temperature and humidity levels...