Featured on the Retail Design Blog by Artica

We are honoured to be featured on the Retail Design Blog by Artica.

August 17th, 2018 by retail design blog

Hass & Co Botanics is a relatively new store in Leederville, Perth Western Australia with a primary focus on premium botanical homewares and indoor plants. The store has an elegant, fresh feeling where customers are able to spend time exploring the airy indoor plant heaven at their own pace making it a relaxing experience.

The space itself has a minimal design, with a neutral palette from floor to ceiling. This helps the plants stand out, making it easier to choose a suitable plant to suit your interior goals. The furniture has been custom made to suit the space including; a brass-look retail counter paired with a marble counter-top which is nestled alongside a feature green wall and glass back-drop.

Designed by Casey O’Callahan & Cal Hassall
Photography by Nina Otranto & Casey O’Callahan

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