Home Forest | Interior Micro Gardens

Featured in international plant book; Home Forest | Interior Micro Gardens by Francesc Zamora Mola.

This hobby book features clusters of potted plants, terrariums, mossariums, Kokedama, Wabi-kusa, wallscapes, and hydroponic systems. These decorating elements of the home occupy very little space and require little maintenance. They are ideal for small homes that don’t have much scope for outdoor gardening. These portable small gardens are growing art that sparks creativity. The possibilities are endless.

Hass Botanical offers a wide variety of plants and contemporary accessories that give the home the lush green feeling of nature. The wide botanical diversity ensures that there are plants for any indoor space, making them more inviting. Plants add to each other’s beauty, creating artful compositions.

In our increasingly developed urban environments, incorporating greenery in architecture give people the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Plants and trees bring a sense of unity between the buildings and the surrounding landscape.

Houseplants infuse indoor spaces with life, bringing a breath of fresh air. They add colour and texture. Large plants work best in minimalist interiors where they don’t overcrowd but make a powerful style statement. Small plants are versatile, combining well with other decorative items or displayed in groups for greater visual effect.

Indoor spaces can contain greenery as a mean to bring nature into the home, whatever its size. Small spaces can hold planters that add style and enhance the plants they contain. No room for gardening? The Indoor Garden Tarp, designed by RT1home, is ideal for re-potting plants in small spaces.


Published by Booq Publishing October 2019.

25 x 29 cm
336 pages
450 colourful images

ISBN EN: 978-84-9936-093-5