Planted Magazine Home Grown Feature 2019

Planted Magazine | Home Grown Feature December 2019 brought to you by the team from Adore Home.

On the back of a lot of hard work, this small business has grown into a Perth institution.

After crossing the ditch from a lush small town in New Zealand and moving to Perth in her early 20s, Casey O’Callahan spent a few years working in the corporate world, finding herself increasingly disconnected from nature. That was until Casey and her partner Cal started hiking, buying an indoor plant around the same time. This small act was the catalyst to Hass & Co Botanics, where Casey and Cal, alongside their Bichon Misty, sell mostly easy- care tropical houseplants and a curated range of handmade plant accessories and statement décor.

“We often joke that Hass & Co Botanics was all a big ruse for me to bring my dog to work every day, which I certainly take advantage of,” Casey says.

Customers often bring their dogs in to hang out with Misty while seeking plant and styling advice.

“We liaise quite closely with our growers which enables us to provide customers with the best advice tailored to their specific plant,” Casey says.

“This way we know how the plant was grown – such as in a shade house – and we can advise our customers accordingly.”

They’re also proud to support other small businesses, stocking everything from hand-painted pots to handcrafted stands and artworks.

“I think it’s really special to be able to have something in your home that you can feel proud of, knowing someone created it and spent a long time crafting it by hand,” Casey says.

“You’re also supporting a boutique industry and helping someone live their dream and support their family.”

For her personal collection, Casey says she aims to have pieces that she’ll cherish for years to come: “I love the idea of being able to pass a handmade ceramic planter down as an heirloom one day”.