STM Hot List 2019 featuring the humble fern.

The highly anticipated STM Hot List edition features the ultimate guide to the 100 trends, people and places to set the year ahead. The experts have highlighted the best in fashion, food, venues, events, people and what everyone will be talking about and experiencing in 2019.

Number #14 - Fern Fancy - The fussy and fickle Fiddle Leaf Fig has had its time in the (gently filtered) sun and it's time to make way for the hottest houseplant of 2019 - the humble fern.

Hass & Co Botanics owner Casey O'Callahan says the most sought-after variety is the maidenhair "It has graceful, delicate foliage, making it one of the most beautiful varieties" she says. "It loves to be kept in a humid environment (such a bathroom with natural light while being kept out of direct sunlight). As long as you can provide it with consistently moist soil and humidity, you will have a gorgeous plant to admire every day".

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