The Interior Design Institute Feature Hass & Co Botanics

Meet Casey O'Callahan, this months #IDIstudent winner and owner of Hass & Co Botanics Perth! 🌿

Hass & Co Botanics is Perth's leading indoor plant store for styling inspiration and greenery. With a passion for all things interiors, combined with a love of indoor plants, we aim to inspire our customers to create a stylish sanctuary in their home or office.

Hass & Co Botanics is a Perth based indoor plant boutique owned and operated by Casey & Cal. Starting with Casey's passion for nature and greenery and fuelled by the couples experience in small business and retail, Hass & Co Botanics sprung into life at the end of 2017.

"I (Casey) was feeling really homesick and started to bring nature into our home which had an immediate positive affect on how homely the room started to feel. As my collection of indoor plants grew, I found myself seeking out more decorative ways to enjoy my indoor plant collection. I noticed there were plenty of gorgeous pots and planters in the Eastern States and abroad that were not readily available in Perth at the time. The more I researched, the more I realised I was not the only one wanting more decorative options here in Perth. At the time I was working in administration with a residential home builder, eager to move into interior consulting for first home buyers. The industry was taking an unfortunate down-turn and it dawned on me to bring my vision to life using my background in small business and retail to create an inspirational boutique focused on premium botanical homewares and indoor plants. I've been able to explore my passion for interior design through this experience and I'm thrilled to be learning the fundamentals of interior design with The Interior Design Institute.

Cal and I have both been overwhelmed with the popularity and love for our boutique and are incredibly grateful to have been featured in an international plant styling book 'Greening in Style' last year. We have some pretty exciting expansion plans for 2019 and can't wait for the next chapter in our journey."

-Find the original post on the Interior Design Institute facebook page June 14, 2019.