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Louise Gift Package

The Louise Package features a beautiful, variegated Peperomia plant paired with a premium handmade resin planter by Capra Designs.

The Small Louise Pot has a beautiful aesthetic element and includes a deep, functional tray for ease of watering. Your plant will come nestled inside the planter, but due to the functional style, the recipient is welcome to plant directly inside if they prefer.

CARE: This plant variety is easy to care for and requires minimal maintenance. Position in a room with bright natural light and water when the soil has dried out.

Package includes:
1x Variegated Peperomia houseplant in 130mm diameter nursery pot
1x Louise Pot by Capra Designs | 13cm high X 17cm wide
1x Signature Hass & Co Botanics gift bag
1x Optional gift note in botanical theme card - simply note your short message at checkout.

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