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Heart Leaf Philodendron Golden - Medium

The Philodendron cordatum is commonly called Heart Leaf Philodendron for its lovely heart shaped foliage. This variety is a gorgeous indoor houseplant that can be trained to grow up totem pole or can trail down similar to devils ivy.

This is one of my personal favourite plants for its dainty stems and whimsical look. The Heart Leaf Philodendron is fairly fuss-free and easy to care for. This particular variety is the 'golden' or 'lemon lime' colour providing a bright, neon-like appearance.

CARE: Position in a room with bright natural light and water when the soil is dry a few inches beneath the surface.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for the plant only. Plants come in a standard plastic nursery pot. Plant length will vary.

QUALITY NOTE: This particular batch of plants are lower in cost due to having some blemished foliage (pictured). They are perfectly healthy but have some imperfections on "old" foliage. The new foliage is immaculate.