Hass & Co Botanics

'Shameless' Gift Package

The 'Shameless' Package features a beautiful, Snow Queen Pothos plant paired with a risqué premium planter by Group Partner.  Fun and playful designs are painted on these 'shameless ceramics' which are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.

Your plant will come nestled inside the planter for ease of watering.

PLANT CARE: Position in medium to bright indirect light and water when the soil dries out. Be mindful not to keep the soil too wet or your plant will develop black marks on the foliage.

Package includes:
1x Snow Queen Pothos Indoor Plant | 100mm diameter
1x Group Partner Planter | 12cm x 12cm
1x Signature Hass & Co Botanics gift bag
1x Optional gift note in botanical theme card - simply note your short message at checkout.

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