Mother Life

Bloom Professional Grow Light

The professional grow light that lasts a lifetime.

Bloom is the first grow light on the market with full spectrum light. This means that it mimics the natural sunlight and you can grow any type of plant with it, decorative or edible, even from seed.

Featuring high quality anodised aluminium. Both aesthetic and functional, the profile ensures the LEDs are cooled properly and their spectrum remains stable throughout the entire lifespan. The first sustainable solution of its kind. Bloom is made entirely of recycled aluminium, extruded at a zero emission plant in Belgium.

  • A smart design optimised to the maximum. No unnecessary components. No waste.
  • A tool for life. Bloom is designed to last a lifetime. Every ten years you only need to switch the LED-board, no need to buy a whole installation again.
  • Quality first. Featuring a minimal waste, glue free design.
  • Torx screws ensure that you can (dis)assemble Bloom as much as you'd like.
  • Modular design. You can reuse Bloom forever in various settings.
  • Highest yields, lowest consumption. Bloom delivers outstanding performance, while consuming a minimal amount of energy (less power consumption than a regular globe).

Created by a network of international designers behind the brand Mother Life. Hass & Co Botanics are honoured to be the flagship store for this brand in Australia.

Tabletop Bloom 550mm (H) x 780mm (L)

Standing Bloom 780mm (H) 

Want to learn more? Follow this link to Mother.Life for more information.

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