Hass & Co Botanics

Premium Indoor Plant Soil Mix

We are thrilled to launch our new premium indoor plant soil mix. We've had so many requests for soil in small batches, that we decided to collaborate with the pros over at Green Life Soil to bring you our own bespoke soil blend. Perfect for small indoor plant potting projects.

It contains a mixture of composted pine bark, cocopeat, coarse sand, compost, perlite and a range of slow release fertilisers, minerals, microbes and a microbial activator.  It has additional Charlie Charcoal included in the recipe which helps with water holding and eliminating odours, and minimising fungus gnats.

Health Warning: Soil contains micro-organisms that may be harmful to your health if inhaled. Keep damp while handling, wear gloves, a mask and always wash hands after use.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for a single bag of soil mix in a 2.5L resealable pouch.

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