Sustee Water Meter

The Sustee Water Meter is a clever device that helps you know when to water your plant.

Simple to use
Step 1 | Place your Sustee into your desired pot.
Step 2 | Water your plant.
Step 3 | Wait and watch your device turn from white to blue in the display window.
Step 4 | Set and forget - leave the Sustee in your pot and wait until your Sustee turns back to white, then you know it's time to water again.
Step 5 | Tell everyone about this product because it's seriously the biggest accessory to hit the houseplant world!

A smart, leave-in (award winning) design
Perfect for anyone that is unsure of when to water houseplants and for those with a busy schedule that want a visual reminder. This is a particularly great solution for situations at home or work where people have a tendency to pour the last of their water into your beloved plant pot. This way you can educate others to only water if the stick is white (plant variety dependent).

Suitable for small or shallow planters around 6cm-9cm diameter.

Suitable for desktop size planters around 10.5cm-18cm in diameter.

Suitable for larger planters between 18cm-36cm in diameter.

Sustee has a biodegradable inner core that needs to be replaced after approximately 6-9 months of use. Simply replace the inner core with a refill and continue use.