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Willow Planter - Large

Simple but stylish, the new Willow planter comes in a solid neutral colour to suit a wide range of home decor. Made from a lightweight material so moving it around your home or courtyard is a breeze. Complete the look by nestling one of our easy-care tropical houseplants inside for a stylish combo.

Large Dimensions:
60cm tall
33cm outer diameter
27.5cm internal diameter

White pots are finished with a matte exterior. Grey pots are finished with a ‘washed’ matte effect. Irregularities in the exterior and colour will occur.

The Willow planters come with a drainage hole as standard. For indoors we recommend leaving your plant in its existing plastic nursery planter and simply nestling it inside the Willow planter. First place some packing material (foam or cardboard) inside the planter and add a 'drip saucer' on top before nestling your plant inside.

Pairs best with a 26cm drip saucer and plants in a 255mm diameter nursery planter.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for the planter only. Plants available separately.

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