Meet Casey & Cal, the faces behind Hass & Co Botanics.

About Hass & Co Botanics

Hass & Co Botanics is a small business which is owned and operated by Casey, Cal, and their beloved Bichon, Misty. Starting with Casey's passion for nature and greenery, and fuelled by both Cal & Casey's extensive experience in retail and small business, Hass & Co Botanics sprung into life at the tail end of 2017.

The couple were always seeking a reconnection with the natural world by hiking, introducing plants in their home together and exploring the New Zealand wilderness while on holiday visiting Casey and Misty’s small county hometown. With their thirties looming, the pair decided it was time to put their small business background and passion for interiors & nature to appropriate use, the result being the foundation of Hass & Co Botanics.

Stocking a wide variety of quality local, interstate, and international products, Hass & Co Botanics aims to deliver a premium boutique retail experience specialising in indoor plants and associated décor, including beautiful everyday ranges and statement decor pieces.

Being located on Oxford St, Leederville has provided Hass & Co Botanics’ customers with a personalised shopping experience where customers are welcome to bring their special fur-baby for a visit. Casey & Cal are always happy to offer assistance in finding the perfect product combinations to suit customer needs, whether it is an affordable gift or a statement piece for the home.

With plants being sourced weekly and new displays being refreshed regularly, the store is constantly evolving, so there is always something new to explore during each visit.