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Silver Queen Gift Package

The Silver Queen Package features a beautiful, Silver Queen Sansevieria plant paired with a textured paper plant bag by Uashmama.

It's not just a paper bag - it's a washable paper that looks and feels like leather but machine washes and dish washes with ease. Each and every paper bag is sewn by hand in a cottage in Tuscany, so you can feel good knowing you're supporting an artisan community of Italian seamstresses.

Your plant will come nestled inside the paper bag and includes a protective tray to stop the bottom of the bag getting wet. The bag is washable but not waterproof.

CARE: This plant variety is super easy to care for and requires little maintenance. It's suitable for most positions indoors including low light. Water sparingly and allow to fully dry out between watering.

Package includes:
1x Silver Queen Sansevieria in a 175mm diameter nursery pot
1x Large Plus Uashmama Paper Bag in cashmere
1x Plastic drip saucer to suit
1x Signature Hass & Co Botanics gift bag
1x Optional gift note in botanical theme card - simply note your short message at checkout.

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