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Bamboo Palm - Feature

The Chamaedora seifritzii is an incredibly easy care indoor palm which has gained the common name 'Bamboo Palm' due to its multi-stem bamboo-like appearance.

They look good all year round and are considered one of the best palm varieties for indoor conditions. They grow vertical and tall - perfect for corners and screening while providing an elegant burst of greenery to any interior space.

CARE: This slow growing indoor palm will thrive in bright natural light and will subsist in medium natural light conditions. Occasionally place this plant in your shower or courtyard to gently hose any dust off the foliage. Tropical plants love warmth and humidity so avoid artificial heating and cooling where possible for best results. Water when the soil starts to dry out.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for the plant only. Plants come in a standard plastic nursery pot. Plant height and density will vary.