The Fallen Co.

Le Sable Planter

If you value exclusive handmade wares then you're sure to love one of our most popular brands, The Fallen Co.

The stunning Le Sable planters feature a warm golden/latte tone and are available in five convenient sizes. They are fully weather-sealed so they can be enjoyed indoors or out and have drainage holes in the bottom so you can either plant directly into, or the more common method is to nestle your plant inside so you can easily remove it for watering.

These stunning planters are handmade in Melbourne by the talented duo behind the brand, The Fallen Co, and are stocked exclusively at Hass & Co Botanics in the Perth region. The Fallen planters look gorgeous on their own or when paired with a stand.

MINI ø18cm


SMALL ø29cm

MEDIUM ø38cm

LARGE ø48cm

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