Izawa Seito

Marco Planter

Featuring collectible terracotta pots suitable for houseplants.

To highlight the beauty of the plant and foster healthy growth―the MARCO POT was born out of these ideals. It is a hemispherical unglazed pot made from a combination of unglazed materials and copper. The excellent breathability and moisture control of the clay pot facilitates respiration, while the copper dish with antimicrobial action prevents bacterial growth and water corrosion. Also, since the three spheres on the tray support the pot, proper ventilation will be ensured even as you tilt the bowl to any angle you like. The plants can sprout, and flowers can bloom freely. You will be able to enjoy various facets of the plant merely by changing the angle of the pot.


• The ‘Marco’ planter is highly breathable which is great for plants.
• You can freely change the angle of the bowl to enjoy your plant from various angles.
• The TOKONAME clay is the standard colour of natural clay, unembellished, provides a familiar sense of security.
• The beautiful MIKAWA clay blend has a gentle texture and lightness. The hint of colour, a blush of cherry blossom pink, comes from the material itself rather than additional pigments or glaze.

Available in TOKONAME or MIKAWA clay in two sizes:

Small: 94mm diameter x 59mm high

Medium: 150mm diameter x 95mm high

Made in Japan by Izawa Seito.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for the planter only. Plants available separately.

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