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Milk Wash Artisan Planter - Large

These hand-thrown, iron-bearing stoneware planters are a celebration of artisan pottery at its best. Our team of craftspeople in Jiangxi province, China, makes each planter from local rustic clay. These pots are finished with a durable milky white gloss glaze, which allows soft hints of iron from within the clay to bleed through the surface during kiln firing, resulting in a classic pottery finish. 

Each piece is not only hand-thrown but also features a hand-carved surface decoration in either straight or wavy line design. Two small tab handles add a touch of fun to the design and make it easy to pick up and move your pot for watering. 

Possessing an intrinsic beauty that only handmade ceramics can, these pots are perfect for those looking to pair their plant collection with natural materials in an earthy aesthetic.

Each pot has a drainage hole at the base and a rubber stopper for drip-free use.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for the planter only. Plants available separately.

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