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Oxalis triangularis

The Oxalis triangularis is also known as 'purple shamrock' and features deep purple, triangular foliage that opens and closes in response to light. This unique motion is often compared to dainty butterfly wings and looks great when captured on a time lapse camera. 

CARE: We recommend positioning in a room with filtered medium to bright natural light and avoid any harsh direct sunlight. Water when the top few inches of soil has dried out and be sure not to overwater because the bulb will unfortunately rot when it is too wet.

This plant variety prefers slightly cooler temperatures and can potentially go dormant through Summer dropping all its foliage. If this happens, simply reduce watering and position in a cooler spot until new foliage appears. Rotate your Oxalis plant regularly to keep the foliage looking even because it will lean towards the light.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for the plant only. Plants come in a standard plastic nursery pot. Foliage density and height will vary with each individual plant.

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