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Raindrop Package

The Raindrop Package is a wonderful desktop size combo. Featuring an easy-care burst of greenery and a textured paper plant bag by Uashmama, this pair is sure to delight as a gift for yourself or someone special.

It's not just a paper bag - it's a washable paper that looks and feels like leather but machine washes and dish washes with ease. Each and every paper bag is sewn by hand in a cottage in Tuscany, so you can feel good knowing you're supporting an artisan community of Italian seamstresses.

Your plant will come nestled inside the paper bag and includes a protective try to stop the bottom of the bag getting wet. The bag is washable but not waterproof.

Package includes:
1x Raindrop Peperomia plant (130mm diameter pot)
1x Small Uashmama Paper Bag in quartz pink
1x Plastic drip saucer to suit
1x Gift Bag

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