Toast & Honey

Toast & Honey Bloom Planter - Light Blue

Add a pop of colour to your decor with a hand-painted planter by Toast & Honey Studio. These planters are lovingly hand-painted in Melbourne and look gorgeous on their own or when paired with a stand.

Due to the artisanal nature of these pots, each one is unique. They are fully weather-sealed so they can be enjoyed indoors or out and are lightweight making them easy to move around your home or courtyard.

Small: 340mm D x 290mm H | Pairs best with a 26cm drip saucer and plants in a 255mm nursery pot.

Medium: 400mm D x 340mm H | Pairs best with a 30cm drip saucer and plants in a 305mm nursery pot.

Large: 500mm D x 420mm H | Pairs best with a 35cm drip saucer and plants in a 405mm nursery pot.

Toast & Honey planters are stocked exclusively at Hass & Co Botanics in the Perth region.

INCLUSIONS: This listing is for the planter only. Plants available separately.

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