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Wilder Package

The Wilder Package features a beautiful Strelitzia reginae plant (commonly called dwarf bird of paradise) paired with a white speckle 'Wilder' pot and matching stand to give your new combo a little lift.

Perfect for bright indoor spaces where you want an easy-care pop of greenery.

Your plant will come nestled inside the planter, but due to the included functional drainage plug, you are welcome to plant directly inside if you prefer. Simply remove the plug when watering and place back in once fully drained.

CARE: This tropical variety will thrive when positioned in bright indirect light. Water when the soil has dried out.

Package includes:
1x Strelitzia reginae in a 200mm diameter nursery pot
1x Tall 'Wilder' planter in white speckle | 23cm H x 24cm W
1x Medium Iris stand in white | 45cm H

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